Tetrallerg Alleve


Antazoline 0.05% w/v + Tetrahydrozoline 0.04% w/v + Zinc 0.25% w/v
This eye drop is an excellent choice for the short-term treatment of a red itchy eye due to allergies. The Zinc component is used as an astringent to gently clear proteins and mucus from the outer surface of the eye.

Tetrahydrozoline is a sympathomimetic with alpha adrenergic activity. Its vasoconstrictive effect reduces redness and oedema in allergic conjunctivitis.

Antazoline, an anti-histamine, acts by blocking the H1 histamine receptor, providing relief of itching. The use of products combining an anti-histamine and a vasoconstrictor is well established in the symptomatic relief of allergic eye disease.

Zinc also improves the absorption of water and electrolytes. It is an astringent, that shrinks body tissues and dries fluids.